Hi Rebels and Newcomers,

Let me give the background info for the newcomers 🙂 and those of you wanting all the goods on rebel dogs…the bully breeds

Founding furparents, Brian Glover and Christy Bear have been rescuing, rehabbing, and rehoming animals for 18 years. In 2015 they built a small no-kill shelter facility located at their home in Victoria, Texas.  Brian and I, along with our two daughters, Jeralynn and Raden Glover, made our lifelong  dream come true when we made the commitment to create Rebel Rescue as a 501c3 non-profit organization that would specifically advocate and save bully breed dogs.

After founding Rebel Rescue, our family became even more humbled, while fighting this cause, by what we have experienced with the dogs and with you.  By the grace of God, and with the love and support of our board members, donors, volunteers, fosters, coordinators, PetSmart, Pet Finder, Crossroads Area Veteran Center, Honor361, Crossroads K9 Companions, along with our community, business, and rescue partners; the Rebel Rescue mission was achieved! Since 2015, Rebel Rescue and our supporters publicly advocate for and save bully breed dogs!

Before we began, our family believed that the REBELS WHO LOVE BULLY BREED DOGS WOULD make Rebel Rescue into something life changing for the bullies. Our family believed in YOU to make it happen and together, as a team, we are saving these dogs! Our family also made the lifelong commitment to the bullies and to you, our Band of Rebels, by ensuring that Rebel Rescue could remain in existence after the death of all of its founders.

To this end, we built Rebel Rescue into an organization that could outlive our departure; should a reason ever exist that our family would no longer operate our dream come true rescue. We did this to show our team that your love and support lives on and what you do today is changing the future for the bully breeds. We truly love our team and thank you for building such a kick ass organization with us so we could take a win for these dogs!

The dogs will always need advocates and donors who will make it possible for Rebel Rescue to save them. Rebel Rescue is humbled to act on the gifts that are received from advocates and donors! The bonus is that we are also blessed to use your gifts to BACK THE BULLIES!

As founders, Brian and I, along with our girls, want to sincerely thank all of the board members, donors, volunteers, fosters, coordinators, PetSmart, Pet Finder, and all of our community and business partners who have stood behind our mission by donating time, effort, money, blood, sweat, tears, LOVE, triumph, and heartache to the Rebel cause!

Because of your commitment to the Rebel dogs and your teamwork with us, YOU made it possible for Rebel Rescue to save 300+ dogs (as of March 2018)!!! As I write this letter, the current stats for Rebel Rescue show we have 9 pending adoptions, 14 puppies that are not old enough for vetting and adoption, and almost 70 bully breed dogs in our rescue network! Together, we saved 300+ dogs between August 2015 and March 2018. That is an average of about 150 dogs each year!!

Our family feels so lucky to start Rebel Rescue and raise it into its adult hood. 🙂 And our family feels blessed to be a part of the Rebel cause!  Always remember, that without this Band of Rebels, the Rebel Tribe…without YOU!…Rebel Rescue could not exist and bully breed dogs will die! Remember that no matter how  many times a board member changes, Rebel Rescue cannot exist without its supporters. This means that YOU are the flame of change for the bully breed dogs!

Please continue to advocate and support bully breed dogs in your lives and through Rebel Rescue. Rebel Rescue will always work toward building a larger no-kill animal rescue specializing in bully breeds for the south Texas and coastal bend region.  Brian and I know that one day our team of Rebels will make it happen! We will always be there to celebrate with the bullies and this band of rebel rescuers that believed they could…so they DID!!!

While on this Rebel Quest with you, our time spent together and with these dogs is priceless. The light of hope we built together, while saving these dogs, should forever inspire all of us to continue to spread kindness, fellowship, responsibility, and advocate to save the bully breed dogs. We know beyond any doubt that YOU; those that gave and thus marched beside us, and sometimes in front of us 😉 will keep the flame burning bright! That YOU will continue to save the bullies as long as they continue to face annihilation at the hands of the misinformed.  That YOU will continue to keep a bright light on those that risk the health of bully breed dogs. NEVER QUIT! NEVER SURRENDER!

You guys make our hearts swell; and together, we carry the light of hope and healing.  Our family is enriched and forever changed because of the commitment you made to helping us achieve our dream. To say that we are blessed, humbled, inspired, and filled with the light of hope is an understatement. On this journey to save the bully breeds, we feel like the journey saved us all, in one way or another.

Our family commitment to sustain the Rebel Rescue mission remains absolute. We made the charge to see it through and we will continue to advocate and save bully breed dogs.

With slobber, kisses, and love from Rebel Rescue; we are proud of you that fight the good fight….we thank you….and we will see you around the way….

Christy Bear, Founding President & Sole Member
Brian Glover, Founding Vice President & CFO
Jeralynn Glover Salazar, Founding Treasurer
Raden Glover, Founding Secretary
Emma Frost Glover,  American Pit Bull Terrier, Founding Rebel WITH the Cause, Founding Logo Model
Odin Glover, Staffordshire/American Pit Bull Terrier Mix )baby brother)
Havoc Glover, Rottweiler/Lab Mix (big brother)
Lola Glover, Pug (little sister)
Hank Glover, American Bully Classic (the wild middle child)
Scarlet Glover, Tortoise Shell Cat (kitty baby and the leader of the pack)
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Rebel Rescue created a Back the Bullies Youth Education program where we are available to go to summer camps and schools to teach children about responsible pet ownership and the importance of training their pets. We provide students the tools they need to recognize dog body language and what the dog is feeling, then how to react appropriately. We teach students about breed specific legislation initiatives that involve the bully breed dogs and how to raise large breed dogs responsibly. We provide some written materials and training treat bags to students to encourage continued training of their pets at home after they have completed the class. It is important to teach our youth to form great habits with their dogs and to be an example for their friends and families. The Back the Bullies program is only possible through public donations. Your support and love of bully breed animals is greatly appreciated!

Bully breed dogs are powerful animals and rarely realize their own strength. Like all animals, they are driven by mechanisms of happiness, fear, confusion, hunger, libido, and defense. Contrary to myths about the breed, bullies do not possess locking jaws and are not destined by their breeding or bloodline. Bullies are one of the most loving, loyal, friendly and dedicated companions one can have. They are extremely smart and bullies can overcome fear, confusion, hunger, libido, defense, and bloodline with the proper guidance, training, supervision, and discipline. However, being that they are ANIMALS…responsible ownership of any animal should take into consideration the characteristics the animal has taken on based on its training, knowledge, and experience.

The negative stigma that adversely affects bully breed dogs is often the reason these animals are refused sanctuary by mainstream animal advocates and citizens. Bully breed animals also face breed specific legislation (BSL) that contributes to their demise. Rebel Rescue is committed to educating the public about the benefits of responsible bully breed ownership. We aim to encourage responsible ownership of bully breed dogs, rescue bully breed dogs in need, rehabilitate mistreated bullies, and re-home them in committed and loving forever homes.

Bully breed ownership is not for everyone. Bully breed owners need to be leaders and provide attention, training, control, understanding, socialization, and love. Responsible bully ownership equals knowing your animal, and controlling your animal with love, understanding, and protection. Responsible owners ensure that bully breed animals are as safe as the company they keep and accommodate their bully’s needs. If you acquire a bully that should not be with other animals, or children, then please protect and serve all of your loved ones to keep them safe…especially your bully baby. The best way a responsible owner can do this is to restrict their access to situations that could place them and others in harm’s way. Rebel Rescue does not advocate leaving bully babies unattended around children, strangers, or unbonded animals. This precaution is for your bully’s protection so they are not put in a position where they feel confused or prompted to defend themselves.

Rescue ~ Educate ~ Encourage ~
Rehabilitate ~ Rehome Bully Breeds Today!

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