This is exactly what our Back the Bullies program is about. When you donate to Rebel Rescue, you not only help rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome abandoned bullies…you are also helping a veteran get a service dog, promote free adoptions to emergency responders to help the dogs alleviate traumatic stress that fire, police, and EMS professionals endure….will help us get our Back the Bullies Program off the ground circa 2018 so that the dogs can begin to help rehabilitate jailed offenders….and one day, your donations will also help us build a large commercial facility for both the dogs and the public to enjoy. Once we have a large facility, we will have movie nights with camp outs for families to spend time with a dog even though they may not be able to adopt one. We will have exercise programs for people to do with a dog. We will have training and awareness classes about safe dog practices. We will have dog day care and boarding. We will have a kid’s obstacle course where children can play with a dog. We just have so many things we want to do and your donations are the only way it can be done. This video helps remind us all that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! COME ON REBELS, LET’S MAKE OUR DREAM HAPPEN!! TO HELP IS TO HEAL!!!

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~Huggs, kisses, and wiggles from the Rebel dogs~

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