A copy of these terms and conditions is available on the Rebel Rescue website.

Animal Fostering Conditions

    1. Rebel Rescue accepts no responsibility as to description, condition, temperament, behavior or health of the Animal and provides no warranty, condition, representation or other term of any kind expressed or implied other than such warranties, conditions, representations and terms to the extent to which they cannot be legally excluded (whether in accordance with any legislation amending or replacing the same, or otherwise).
    2. Any information concerning the habits and past history of the Animal is passed on by Rebel Rescue to the Fosterer in good faith. This is based on statements made by the previous owner and the person who found the Animal; however, there is no guarantee of reliability. Rebel Rescue is unable, therefore, to accept liability for any consequences whatsoever resulting from events attributable to the failure to give information or the transmission of wrong information provided that nothing in these conditions excludes Rebel Rescue’s liability for fraud.
    3. The Fosterer confirms that no person residing in their household, is disqualified from keeping animals or has had a deprivation order made under the Animal Welfare Act and/or has an unspent conviction for offences relating to animals.
    4. The Animal is believed to be in normal health on leaving the animal establishment except where specific conditions have been made known to the Fostere in writing. Subject to Condition 1, it is regretted that Rebel Rescue will accept liability for any expenses or costs of any kind arising from sickness or injury of any nature developed by the Animal (whether or not any known existing conditions or symptoms of the Animal are made known to the Fosterer prior to this Agreement) and the responsibility for and cost of future treatment, should the Foster adopt the animal, shall be incurred by the Fosterer.
    5. Attention is drawn to the possible liability of the Fosterer for damage and injury which they may cause to third parties or their property. In particular, liability may arise or there is a possibility of an action for nuisance against the Fosterer as a result of the Animal’s behavior should also be recognized.
    6. Rebel Rescue strongly advises the Fosterer to arrange appropriate insurance coverage against risks referred to in this Agreement and also the costs of veterinary treatment.
    7. The Fosterer agrees to comply with all relevant regulations, legislation and laws concerning the welfare, control, responsible ownership and protection of animals including, without limitation, the Animal Welfare Act.
    8. Rebel Rescue will NOT allow fostering of an animal that has not been wormed, spayed/neutered, given their rabies vaccination, micro-chipped, given their DHLPPC vaccination(s), and heart worm checked (if older than 6 months).
    9. The Fosterer agrees to meet the welfare needs of the animal. This means providing for the animal’s health, happiness and welfare needs by taking measures to ensure that the animal’s health is maintained, it is properly housed, fed, watered, socialized, exercised, and receives appropriate veterinary care, including vaccination, heartworm preventative, regular worming and flea treatment, as appropriate to the species. This also includes picking up the animal from any shelter facility within 72 hours if they get picked up by a City, County, or other rescue. If the fostered animal is not reclaimed within 72 hours, Rebel Rescue will reclaim the animal as its guardian and you will have to petition for the animal’s return to your care. Reclaiming the animal from Rebel Rescue means you may be required to pass another home check and pay for boarding fees while Rebel Rescue cared for the animal in your absence. Rebel Rescue reserves the right to not return the animal if a pattern of irresponsible pet ownership and at-large animal behavior exists. This also means that you MUST maintain flea and parasite preventative treatment on a monthly basis. Ask us about the products that will suit the pet if you are unsure what to give them. Lastly, it is in the best welfare of all animals to only be tethered in accordance to Texas Health and Safety Code Sec. 821.077. UNLAWFUL RESTRAINT OF DOG. A Fosterer may not leave a dog outside and unattended by use of a restraint that unreasonably limits the dog’s movement: between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.; within 500 feet of the premises of a school; or in the case of extreme weather conditions, including conditions in which: the actual or effective outdoor temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit; a heat advisory has been issued by a local or state authority or jurisdiction; or a hurricane, tropical storm, or tornado warning has been issued for the jurisdiction by the National Weather Service. Please do NOT use heavy chains to tether your animals because this is inhumane and will constitute irresponsible treatment on the Fosterer’s part.
    10. The Fosterer agrees to maintain the microchip records of the animal, by informing the microchip database of any changes of address or ownership of the animal. Rebel Rescue uses Datamars Guardian chips which mean our rescue remains on the registration in addition to the Fosterer. Rebel Rescue will ALWAYS be notified when the pet is found. Contact Datamars to register your Pet Link information at https://www.petlink.net/.
    11. The Fosterer agrees not to sell or part with the animal. If at some point the animal must be re-homed, the Fosterer MUST return the animal to Rebel Rescue. If a former Rebel Rescue animal is found to have been re-homed, Rebel Rescue will confiscate the animal based on your understanding and authorization that is clearly defined by this contract. However, if you have a new Adopter or Fosterer in mind, please communicate their contact information when you return the animal and we will contact them to make the adoption or fostering. They will have to pass a background check and home visit, but we will offer a reduced price adoption. Please understand that this is in the best interest and for the protection of the bully breed animals. Protecting our bully breed rescue’s interest and welfare is our only mission.
    12. Fosters MUST abide by the behavior rules defined in writing and verbally given from a Rebel Rescue designate. Any deviation from following the behavior rules specific to the dog you are foster constitutes a breach of contract. If an animal sustains injury as a direct result of a foster not following behavior rules then the foster is liable for the medical expenses associated with the actions. The rules given are to protect the dog and foster family by mitigating risk of injury from a dog acting out.
    13. Subject to conditions 1 and 13, Rebel Rescue’s maximum liability under or in connection with this Agreement shall not exceed the Fee to rehabilitate the animal.
    14. Nothing in this Agreement shall exclude or in any way limit Rebel Rescue’s liability for fraud, or for the death or personal injury caused by its negligence or any other liability or consumer right which it cannot legally exclude or limit.
    15. If any provision of this Agreement is found to be unenforceable, it shall so far as it is unenforceable, be deemed deleted and the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall continue to apply.
    16. The American Courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising from or related to this Agreement. American law will apply to this Agreement.
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