Rebel Rescue’s Paw It Forward Volunteer Project – September 24th


AT 5933 FM 446, VICTORIA, TX 77905

Hey all you rebels out there! Are you interested in helping with our end of the year Paw It Forward project? Because we have the best supporters, volunteers, and fosters in the crossroads area, we started a program called Paw It Forward. The Paw It Forward program aims to tackle two projects each year to help another Animal Rescuer in our community. We have been really lucky and fortunate that the public is supporting us and so we try to give it as much as we get it. This coming weekend we are asking for volunteers to come and help us with a build for a local rescuer who rescues wildlife such as mammals, reptiles, and birds. Some people have asked us, “why is helping to improve the wildlife ecosystem in the crossroads area important?” The simplest answer is these wildlife rescuers are helping to control diseases in our area. For example, if they rehabilitate a raccoon and vaccinate it for rabies then that raccoon will not infect a domestic dog or cat at a later date. This is just one of the reasons that both domestic animal rescuers and wildlife rescuers work together to ensure a healthy animal ecosystem. For the year-end Paw It Forward project, we are going to build my lovely and sweetheart of a friend, Toya Stone, an aviary for the birds. We can use someone with a truck and a trailer to haul materials and to haul tools, plus cut wood and swing a hammer, etc. If that is something you’re into then we could use the help. I can email you the details if you post your email here. We also are working on our Halloween booth a couple weekends between now and Halloween and then our Christmas float. If you are willing to volunteer, please contact us via email at Please give us your name and contact info so we can get in touch with you. Thank you for helping make positive changes in animal rescue for the crossroads area! To help is to heal!!!


Rebel Rescue, a 501c3 non-profit, was created in 2015 by Sole Member and Founder, Christy Bear; and with Co-Founders, Brian Glover, Jeralynn Glover, and Raden Glover. The Rebel Mission is to specialize in rescuing bully breeds from the coastal bend region. The original rescue started from a small no-kill shelter facility located at the Sole Member and Founder's home in Victoria, Texas. By 2016, the rescue evolved to a shelter and foster based rescue. We are still going strong and averaging about 150 adoptions each year. Your support and love of bully breed animals is greatly appreciated!
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